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            The Brave New World that we have entered since COVID -19 began has brought many new challenges for interior designers.  This unique time in history has taken us all by surprise, and has made us look at the spaces that we live and work in with brand new eyes.

            Devon Rose Interiors is a very creative and adaptable firm.  COVID-19 is teaching us all that interior design really matters.   Work spaces, retail spaces, hotels and hospitals all need some aspect of redesign to better protect our health, safety, and welfare.  Devon Rose Interiors can specify materials that are nonporous, easy to clean, and antimicrobial which will reduce the likelihood of infection.  We can retrofit a kitchen or restroom from touchless faucets to trashcans. We can create spaces that allow for appropriate social distancing while still providing amazing style and visual interest.

            This “New World” has also profoundly affected the home office. Before the pandemic, this space was mostly an afterthought.  The home office has now become an essential, multifunctional space.  It needs to be an area for brainstorming, zoom conferences, comfortable desk seating and lounging during well deserved breaks.  Working from home for the past few months has given people time to understand their individual needs in a home office.  Devon Rose Interiors can now step in and address those needs.  We can assist in designing the space that works best for you in this stay-at-home era.

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