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Master Bedroom with Custom Doors

Primary Bedroom

The Gallery

 Corner of the Devon Rose Interiors Design custom Door

What a way to make an entrance!

The hunt for unique finds is always on for the designers at Devon Rose Interiors. This magnificent door was discovered during our extensive travels. In a warehouse located in Agra, India previously loved doors are recycled and brought back to their original glory.  It was here that we spotted this treasure.  The color texture and metal details were eye-catching, to say the least.  We knew instantly that this was the door that should lead to the Primary bedroom of our client.

Once returning to the states, we worked diligently with the owner of the factory from across the sea to have the door restored and shipped to our client’s home in New York. At Devon Rose Interiors it is our passion to constantly pursue fresh inspiration for our designs, and this incredible entry door certainly accomplished our goal for this project!

Devon Rose Interiors Design Cusom Door
Door Opening.png

Surround Yourself in Elegance

There is no disappointment after such a grand entrance when you step into such an elegant Primary bedroom. The king-size bed upholstered in an iridescent faux leather is certainly the star of the show!


The glamorous bedding full of texture and sparkle, crystal chandelier, and fireplace accented with antique style mirror subway tiles further elevates this elegant design.  Incorporating reflective surfaces, light walls and fabrics enhance the magnificent view of the sky and water.


Mid Century Modern Bedroom

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