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The Designers

Lynn Rosenblum and Stacey Walker of Devon Rose Interiors design



     Stacey began her career in the fashion industry as a leader for an impressive roster of clients.  Her passion for interior design, however, began to pull her in a different direction. With a transition from people to places, she continues to meet every design project with the same philosophy.  It is not about being trendy, but more about being timeless.


     A graduate of the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology, Stacey furthered her education with an MBA in marketing, sales and international trade from the prestigious New York University.  Stacey also attended the Faux Finishing School and is a master designer of wall finishes.


     For 17 years Stacey has been a principal designer at Marilyn Rose Interiors, where her work has been in many top design publications.  She has completed elegant, creative projects across Long Island, in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Stacey also has been honored to participate in numerous high-profile show houses throughout the years.


     When Stacey is not guiding her design team, she has a real love for adventure, which includes jet skiing, sky diving, and exotic travel.  Her more Zen side includes her passion for photography, pilates, paddle boarding, and animal rescue.


     Lynn began her career as a physical therapist which gives her the unique ability to analyze and understand her client’s needs, making their spaces not only beautiful but also functional and safe.  She approaches each design by understanding those unique attributes that define her clients and creates meaningful environments that fuse style and purpose. She is never formulaic. Lynn considers each client’s unique living style, creating interiors that are personal and immersive.


     After completing a successful and rewarding career as a physical therapist, Lynn pursed her design studies at the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design in New York.  She is also a certified kitchen designer, favoring a modern space with a traditional heart. 


     When Lynn is not designing, she loves to travel and is highly influenced by her global adventures.  Her passions also include boating, skiing, bicycling, or just relaxing with her family in their waterfront home that she designed from conception to reality.

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